Media Projects

Through World of RG Entertainment, R.G. has written, directed and produced multiple projects over the years and is continuing to do so for TV, Film and various streaming and multi-media distribution networks. Here is a list of past, present and future projects headed by R.G. and World of R.G. Entertainment:

MASTERS OF METAL – In-Development – TV Show (Reality)

Co-Created by Hugh King and R.G.

R.G. partnered up with Hugh King (also known as “The Chopper King”), the producer of Discovery Channel’s hugely popular shows Monster Garage and Biker Build-Off, to create a motorcycle show that will travel all over the world to document the ten best motorcycle builders on earth working with an everyday biker enthusiast and take an average, everyday bike and transform it into the motorcycle of their dreams – all in a week and under $10,000. (See TRAILER on VIDEOS page)

AFRAID – Post-Production – Feature Film

Written & Directed by R.G.

A supernatural horror feature about two close friends getting paid by a reality TV show to stay and document their time in a haunted apartment building over the course of a weekend. What starts out as a fun and easy production gig soon turns into a nightmarish hell as they eventually discover that the building where they are staying was built on a site where there was a tribal massacre two hundred years ago. They soon realize that some things are better left alone. (TRAILER coming soon)

JANE NEXT DOOR – A Pilot Presentation – TV Show (Scripted)

Created, Written & Directed by R.G.

Sixteen year old Jane Smith just wants to fit in. She wants to be like the other girls – have friends, get crushes, go on dates and stay up late on sleepovers. But all that becomes an increasingly challenging task because both her and her family members are part human…and part aliens. (See TRAILER on VIDEOS page)

WAR DOGS – In-Development – TV Show (Reality)

Co-Created by Hugh King and R.G.

A documentary style show about the history of dogs used in wars, combats, rescue, etc. in the course of human civilization. The host will travel all over the world to find out the origin of all these different dog breeds and where they are now in society. For example, one episode will delve into the world of the German Shepherds in Germany and look into how they were created as a breed; another episode will travel to Africa to look at the history of the famous lion hunting dogs, the Rhodesian Ridgebacks; then there is the gigantic Tibetan Mastiffs in Tibet; the Afghan Hounds of Afghanistan; the ancient Akita in Japan, and so on and so forth.

CALIFORNIA CRUSIN’ – In-Development – TV Show (Reality)

Created by R.G.

A TV series documenting the history and culture of classic cars in California, showcasing multiple classic car shows all over the state and also diving into the personal stories of the owners and their cars, along with the classic car restoration experts who has dedicated a lifetime towards holding onto the legacy of these cars for many decades. (TRAILER coming soon)

THE NIGHT JOGGER – Short Film (Being Developed as a Feature)

Written & Directed by R.G.

A horror short about a guy who goes out jogging at night and is being stalked by a supernatural entity who follows him home and takes over his life. (TRAILER coming soon)

THE BEGINNING – In Post-Production – Short Film (Being Developed as a Feature)

Written & Directed by R.G.

A young woman keeps moving from one haunted apartment to another until she realizes that she herself is the connection to all the supernatural happenings in every haunted location she’s ever been in. And this is just the beginning. (TRAILER coming soon)

A CRAIGSLIST EXORCISM – Short Film (Being Developed as a Feature)

Written & Directed by R.G.

A comedy horror short about what happens when you hire an exorcist off Craigslist. The film, which premiered on the Valley Film Festival in 2015, tells the story of Claire, a recent divorcee, moves into a condo about six weeks ago, and her best friend Michael is convinced that the place is haunted. So Michael hires a part-time exorcist from Craigslist call Jack, who turns out to be much less of an expert than expected. But that doesn’t stop Jack from bringing the holy hell of spirits & demons into Claire’s condo, which leads to a mad mixture of suspense, scares & hilarity. Can Claire save the day, and their lives, from the chaos brought on by Jack’s ineptness of the paranormal world? Or is it too late…


Written & Directed by R.G.

Written, directed and starring R.G. and co-produced with, this is a web series about Dr. Sanjay Goldberg, a self-proclaimed psychotherapist with highly unusual therapeutic techniques and eccentric life philosophies who wants to help people by providing therapy for 99 cents. Of course, he doesn’t have an office. His office is wherever he can sit down with a client – a park bench is his usual choice. But he doesn’t let his lack of an office, or a college degree, hold him back from doing what he thinks is the best way to help his clients. (See EPISODE in the VIDEOS page)

L.A. MONSTERS – A RON GUPTA INVESTIGATION – A Pilot Presentation – TV Show (Scripted)

Written & Directed by R.G.

Ron Gupta, a part-time paranormal investigator and an amateur cryptozoologist, is searching for monsters in the city of Los Angeles. He is convinced that L.A. is crawling with monsters in every corner and he is determined to find them and document their lives one by one. In his first venture, he is searching for Bigfoot in every nook and cranny of L.A. and meets a series of interesting characters and he also gets himself into all kinds of troubles. But he does get very close to capturing what he thinks is a real life Bigfoot. This is a single camera sitcom in the vein of The Office, Reno 911 and Parks & Recreation. (See EPISODE in the VIDEOS page)

KITTEN WARRIORS – In-Development – TV Show (Reality)

Created by R.G.

A reality show documenting the works of one of the most forgotten and unsung heroes of our society – the women who dedicated their lives to rescuing and saving stray cats and kittens. These women pour their heart and soul (plus their time, money and energy) into saving these sentient beings. And not only are they not celebrated, they are often ridiculed and stereotyped as “cat ladies”. This show will tell the stories of these women, who come from all walks of life – married, single, old, young, wealthy, poor – and let the audience be a part of their journey in rescuing and rehabilitating stray cats and kittens.