About R.G.

R.G. Gaznabi (also R.G. Griffith) is a writer, director and producer. A graduate of the UCLA Film School, he has worked in script development for over a decade in Hollywood, with multiple projects optioned over the years including screenplays, shorts, and various web and literary content. As a highly sought after story development and script consultant, R.G. has worked with numerous Hollywood writers and producers on projects that have been associated with several film studios and TV networks such as Dreamworks, Paramount Pictures, Sony Entertainment, Comedy Central and MTV, to name a few.

R.G. has also been the co-founder and managing director of Media Edge Productions (renamed Kuma Productions in 2012), which is a full-service production and post production company, specializing in everything from conceptualizing and producing commercials, music videos, movie trailers, marketing, and advertising campaigns. With over a decade of experience, R.G. and Media Edge Productions have worked with clients from all walks of life – from indie filmmakers with limited budgets to international celebrities and corporations with worldwide reach such as Google, Comedy Central, Yahoo, ABC, MTV, Xprize and many others.

In 2016 R.G. wrote & directed his first feature film, “Afraid”, which is now is post production. In 2015, he wrote and directed the short film “The Night Jogger”, which has been optioned to be made into a feature. In that same year, he also wrote and directed the TV pilot, “Jane Next Door”. In 2014, R.G. wrote and directed the short film “A Craigslist Exorcism”, which has also been optioned to be made into a feature. In 2013, R.G. wrote, directed and starred in the web series “Discount Therapist”, which was co-produced and optioned by Vuier.com. He also wrote, directed and starred in the mockumentary short “L.A. Monsters: A Ron Gupta Investigation” in 2012.

Through his production company, World of RG Entertainment, R.G. is developing multiple scripted TV series and feature films. He is currently working in partnership with Hugh King (one of the Executive Producers of “Monster Garage” and “Biker Build-Offs” for Discovery Channel) to co-create and produce two reality based TV series – “Masters of Metal” and “War Dogs”. He is also the V.P. of Development at Indian International Network (IIN24), working with Bollywood actress Preity Zinta to develop a TV network with all original programming that merges the world of both Bollywood and Hollywood.

As a stand up comedian, R.G. has performed with some of the biggest names in comedy in top comedy clubs like The Hollywood Improv, The Comedy Store and The Laugh Factory. He is also the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of HoopsPOP Magazine and the host of HoopsPOP Radio, a podcast which talks about sports, pop culture & social dynamics.

As an author, R.G. is finishing up his soon-to-be published sci-fi/horror fiction called “L.A. Paranormal”, a series of short stories about paranormal happenings in the various nooks and crannies of Los Angeles.