Welcome to The World of RG

R.G. Gaznabi (also R.G. Griffith) is a writer, director and producer. A graduate of the UCLA Film School, he has worked in script development for over a decade in Hollywood, with multiple projects optioned over the years including screenplays, shorts, and various web and literary content. As a highly sought after story development and script consultant, R.G. has worked with numerous Hollywood writers and producers on projects that have been associated with several film studios and TV networks such as Dreamworks, Paramount Pictures, Sony Entertainment, Comedy Central and MTV, to name a few.


Media Projects


Masters of Metal

Co-Created by Hugh King and R.G.

R.G. partnered up with Hugh King (also known as “The Chopper King”), the producer of Discovery Channel’s hugely popular shows Monster Garage and Biker Build-Off, to create a motorcycle show that will travel all over the world to document the ten best motorcycle builders on earth working with an everyday biker enthusiast and take an average, everyday bike and transform it into the motorcycle of their dreams – all in a week and under $10,000.

Jane Next Door

Written and Directed by R.G.

A Craigslist Exorcism

Written and Directed by R.G.